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? HL Introduction
? President's Address
? History
? Honor
? Leading Care
? International communication
? Quality System
? Culture
? Equipments
? Organization
? Projects & Development
ABOUT HL > Leading Care

Zhang Yongxia, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Liu Ning, president of China Industrial Design Association, visited the company for research

Zhang Yongxia, secretary of Tianshui Municipal Party Committee, came to HL company for investigation

Vice governor of Gansu province Zhang Jingang and his entourage came to HL company for investigation

Mayor of Tianshui Wang Guoxian came to HL company for investigation

Wang Jun, then mayor of Tianshui, inspected the HL’s transformation and upgrading project several times

Vice chairman of the CPPCC of Gansu province Wang Rui, then secretary of the Tianshui Municipal Party Committee, has inspected the construction of HL Park many times

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